Service concept: Care in the small place

Yongkang Seedream Vehicle  Co., Ltd. has a highly skilled service, warm and sincere service team. At present, there are a number of service stations. Seedream aims to create a comprehensive "care in a small place" as the core service concept, starting from the details to customer satisfaction for the purpose, through policies, training, supervision, rewards and punishments and other effective measures in various service outlets, so that the vast number of users really enjoy more assured, peace of mind, shuxin high quality service.

Service process

01. Tracking Service; 

02. booking service; 

03. Customer reception; 

04. Diagnosis of the start sheet; 

05. Maintenance; 

06. Strict quality control; 

07. car Delivery Preparation;

Service Brand Annotation:

To fast speed for customers every second time, with a rigorous attitude for the car to tighten each screw. With a sincere smile to make customers feel at ease!

Each maintenance action is to standardize the standard, each piece of professional tools can be accurately mastered.

Orderly maintenance environment, meticulous work attitude.

Because Seedream know, professional spirit can cast perfect quality, perfect quality is the root of customer satisfaction.

For the needs of customers dedicated to the customer's satisfaction against the clock, always first customers want, so that customers no worries.

Goodwill and thoughtful way to treat people, efficient and pragmatic approach to the car.

The attention to the small place, is lets the customer trust us the reason!


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